My name is Renee Frances Conn and I am a synergist.


I am endlessly curious
A gypsy by nature if not by tribe
Improvisation is the most powerful tool in my toolbox
I'm loco in the kitchen
Grief has been my greatest teacher about love
I remain openhearted and hopeful despite the tragedy of life
I am perfectly imperfect - a work in progress


I had a short run as a professional clown. I play multiple instruments and love to dance and sing. I am an only child. ENFP is my Myers-Briggs personality type. According to Gallup Strengths finder, my core strengths are: Ideation, Input, Futuristic, Strategic and Command.

An only child raised on a ranch in Western Montana, I learned how to keep myself entertained. I learned the value of hard work and was not shielded from the realities of nature, birth, death and sex. I helped with calving and lambing during the spring birthing season and dragged animals to the bone yard after they died. Both of these experiences had a strong influence on my perspective of life from a very young age.

For the last 18 years, my job has been a position of service, offering relief from pain and stress to thousands of people through the strength of my hands and heart and mind. I am a massage therapist by trade. Massage school taught me to listen to the body with my hands and heart.

Synergy is a gift that comes in handy in unsuspecting ways, and requires improvisation to fully focus and respond to the subtle information our being provides to aid of our deepest healing. Improvisational dance/theater taught me to respond to the subtle shifts that take place within a client seeking health and wholeness.

Would you like to know more how my life experience can help you?