The basic philosophy behind IMPROVOSA is that we each have a unique portfolio of lessons learned and wisdom earned. When we are out of sync or in resistance to our soul purpose we struggle with anxiety and depression, we can throw ourselves into work maniacally and ultimately bottom out, repeating the cycle until we take decisive action to make the changes necessary to live an authentic life. A life well lived.  I promise you, it ain't easier, it is easier than you imagine, and it is likely the most important act of freedom you can endeavor. The adventure of bringing your unseen and unsung beauty into the world, it is utterly worth the work.

My name is Renee Frances (picture above, my graphic designer chose as it reminded her of me.  We were under three feet of snow at the time we were designing this page,  See here for more about me along with a photo of me in the middle of a parsley patch) My first career I was a massage therapist.  I worked in that field for 20 years before I took the leap to share my knowledge in new ways.  Over the past two decades I've gathered a powerful bouquet of tools along my path less trodden that have helped me gain clarity about myself, my motivations and use that knowledge to make difficult choices and move forward with a purpose and courage, even when it feels like each step is moving into uncharted territory.  I'm excited to share it with those of you who are ready to step into the unknown territory of your play and purpose.  When you are on the leading edge of your life, play and purpose can be uncharted territory -- this is where the magic happens -  this is where growth abounds.  This process, I call the Improvosa or improvisation of life.  Viva la Imprvosa. 

Two of the methods I use, Play with Purpose, Conscious Caring Touch come directly from my work in the healing arts.  Drawing from two decades of experience as a body-worker and my work as a student of improvisational dance/theater, I use experiential exercises to help students reconnect with their physical bodies and focus their minds to feel their lives opening in new ways. 

So, if your dreams feel larger than your reality or feel a rumbling deep within your soul and your skin doesn’t quite fit right.

You might be in the middle of an awakening.​

It’s time to have a new adventure, pick-a-path style.

Are you ready to take that lifetime of lessons learned and wisdom earned and put it to new use? You have a lot of love to give and knowledge to share. Experience the power of using Improvosa to help you share what you know in greater ways.

​We are going to take those dreams abandoned and we are going to given them new life by connecting them with your gifts and talents that deserve the opportunity to shine but you haven't had the time and space to develop. If you have been calling out to the universe for change. Improvosa will help you take action. Your life will never be the same!

Are you ready to experience greater freedom in your life?
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